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Why Visit Us?

  • Red Eye
  • Sore Eye

  • Blurred Vision

  • Eyelid Swelling

  • Sudden Loss of Vision

  • Gradual Loss of Vision

  • Eyelids Turned Inwards

  • Glaucoma

  • Eye Infections

Consultant Ophthalmologists

When you visit the Beacon Eye Clinic, you can rest assured that you will be seen by a Consultant Ophthalmologist. Our Ophthalmologists have a wealth of experience dealing with any eye condition that you can imagine. You will receive expert care or if your condition requires more specialised treatment, you will be referred to the appropriate sub-specialist. 

  • How to apply eyedrops
  • Cyst Removal

  • YAG

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

  • Intravitreal Injections

  • Pterygium Surgey

  • Retinal Tear Laser Treatment

  • Vitrectomy

Four Reasons to Come to Us:


  • Priority Appointment
  • Beacon Hospital Consultant Eye Surgeon
  • Minimal Wait Time
  • Located on The Beacon Medical Campus, just off M50

Be Seen Quickly

We are a Rapid Access Eye Care provider. This means that you will be seen within an hour from when you arrive. Our goal is to provide the patient with access to the highest quality eye care at the shortest wait time. Time is of the essence at the Beacon Eye Clinic. 


This is a relatively common problem that can affect either one or both eyes. It is divided up into conjunctivitis caused by viral and bacterial infections, and those that are not, including allergic conjunctivitis.

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